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Sale Terms & Conditions

1st February, 2024

1.    GST as per government norms is included in the %Store prices.


2.    Delivery charges will be extra on %Store prices. Prices are Ex-Delhi Warehouse.


3.    100% Advance payment at the time of order booking.


4.    Limited stock available. As the %Store website is accessible across India, the product will be sold on first-paid basis. If order is booked over the available quantity, the amount will be refunded.


5.    Most of products are in original packing but some products in WH and display are also available without original packing and will be delivered on non-company packing. For outstation packaging, the charges will be extra.


6.    Material that is ready stock, will get dispatch within 3‐7 days of order confirmation. For the products where supplementing article i.e. seat cover, cistern, concealed part, exposed parts are not in stock, the lead time will be 6‐8 weeks, or as per any special communication.


7.    If any product gets damaged while handling before shipping, FCML will refund the amount.


8.    Transit insurance charges are not included, we can assist customer to get transit insurance.


9.    Inspection shall be done during the delivery. FCML shall not be responsible for any damage or shortage post-delivery. One Pre-installation plumbing will be provided by FCML at no extra cost. All subsequent visits of plumbers will be on charge-able basis. This is applicable only in cities where FCML is located.


10.    Spares required in future for the products in %Store will be on chargeable basis. 


11.    No sales return or cancellation is possible on products sold from the %Store.


12.    The %Store website should not be regarded as a perfect guide for any product, there may be errors while typing.


13.    Display items will be as it is. Customer can see before making final purchase.


14.    There are display items from other stores also in % store sale. Please read location before taking order.

Force Majeure : if at any time, any obligation of FCML, in whole or in part, is prevented or delayed by reason of any
events such as acts of God, war, civil commotion, sabotage, strikes, lockouts, terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes, acts of
government, explosions, damage by fire, plagues or epidemics etc. then the obligation of FCML shall stands suspended
till such event has come to an end or ceased to exist and no claim for damages, financial or otherwise, (direct or indirect)
shall be applicable against FCML in this regard.

The parties hereto agree that any matter or issues arising or any dispute arising shall be subject to the exclusive
jurisdiction of the courts situated at Delhi

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